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Barcami Lane Acquires McKenna Management, a Boston-based Association Management Company

WESTFORD, MASSACHUSETTS — Barcami Lane is pleased to announce its acquisition of McKenna Management, an accredited association management company (AMC) that provides nonprofit associations and societies with both full-service management and project management services. Headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, they maintain a robust portfolio of regional and national clients.

Previous owner Pam McKenna, MEd, CAE, will remain on as a consultant and had the following to say about the sale: “I couldn't be happier to see McKenna Management be acquired by one of our top executive directors, Cambria Happ, MPA, CAE. The team and I have worked hard to build a highly regarded AMC that values outstanding service, strategic thinking, partnerships, and professionalism. I feel extremely confident that our legacy will be protected and the company infused with fresh ideas to provide optimal service to clients. I know Barcami Lane will continue to be a leader in the AMC community.”

Barcami Lane will be led by one of McKenna Management’s executive directors, Cambria Happ, MPA, CAE. She will serve as president of Barcami Lane, leading a staff of 24. Happ is a certified association executive with close to two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, including association management, higher education, and museums.

Happ remarked, “We could not be more pleased to build upon the foundation and reputation established by McKenna Management, Inc. over the last 18 years. Through the lens of McKenna Management’s values, Pam led a dynamic and thriving team in service to its clients. I am fortunate to have worked with and been mentored by Pam over the last four years.”

Happ is supported by a corporate board and owner group of three other highly accomplished association professionals: Neal Couture, MA, CAE, a well-respected leader in the association world; Chris Hansen, an award-winning art director; and Kerry Hansen, an award-winning association magazine editor and publisher.

“Barcami Lane is fortunate to bring on McKenna Management’s stellar team as we strengthen and grow our client partnerships. We are eager to deliver thought leadership, address unique and growing needs of the association industry, and offer value-adds with new expertise in governance, graphic design and brand management, and editorial and publication management,” said Happ.



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